Since 1914 the Medford area has been home to the Medford Curling Club. Curling is an exciting winter sport that anyone can participate in. We have leagues that anyone of any skill level can join and we encourage people to come down and watch some curling during any league night and during bonspiels.  Curling is easy to learn and offers a great opportunity to make new friends and get out during the long winter months.  For more information please send an email to and one of the members will respond.
Curling is very affordable, is played inside on ice and all you need is warm clothing, rubber soled shoes and a desire to meet new people and have fun. Curling provides an element of strategy, luck and good exercise. We know you will enjoy the pleasures and rewards of this great winter-time sport and the entire Medford Curling Club Membership invites you to visit us, partake in the fun and Catch The Curling Fever!

525 South Whelen | Medford, WI 54451

13th Annual Alumni Spiel: March 1-3, 2019

Alumni Spiel Friday Draw Times:
     4:30  Rick Zenner vs. Vaughn          Rodman vs. Handel
              Gorichs vs. Jeff Hemer            Beaner vs. Hartwig

     6:00   Deb Zenner vs. Ryan L.         Mueller vs. Fricken A
               Laher vs. Schafer                   Katie Z vs. Zirngible

     7:30   Sapinski vs. Crazy 88s          Ramrod vs. Zuleger
               Firnstahl vs. Bernklau            Tingo vs. Shear

     9:00   Ben Hemer vs. Lindgren        Wolf vs. Temme
               Pabstron vs. Sawdey             Sauerman vs. Team RT

For league draw schedules go under the "Leagues" tab