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 To play in any leagues at the Medford Curling Club you must be a member. To become a member fill out the application and pay the membership dues. The dues are broken down into seven different categories to fit your needs. Membership dues should be given to the club treasurer or can be dropped into the dues box at the club.  Any checks should be made out to: Medford Curling ClubFor more information or to join a league send a message to medfordcurlingclub@gmail.com  and a member will get back to you.
The Dues Form link can be found on the Home Page

2017-2018 Membership Dues
 Primary Curler  $200
 Additional Curler $180
 1st Year Curling  $170
 1/2 Year Curler  $140
 Student $70
 Social Only  $70

Locker Fees
 Small  $15
 Large  $30

If you are a student in high school or a full-time college student you qualify for a student membership. The cost of a student membership is significantly less than the regular dues. You do not need a student membership to participate in high school curling.

First Year
If this is your first year as a member of the Medford Curling Club then you fall into this category.

Primary Curler in Household
If you are the primary curler in your household then this is the category you fall into. The primary curler is the person who participates in the most club activities.

Additional Curler in Household
Any additional curlers beyond the primary curler in a household fall into this category.

1/2 Year
If you are only curling during one of the half-year leagues (Super League or Mixed) then you fall into this category.

Playdown Only/Social
If you do not want to participate in any leagues but you need to be a member of a club for competition purposes then you fall into this category.